Self-Defense with the Walking Cane

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This complete online training program details every aspect of cane street self-defense - from a martial cane warm-up exercise set and powerful striking templates, to effective street-savvy ready positions and how to use the crook of the cane to deliver devastating hooking attacks.

You don’t need a partner to practice the techniques and methods taught in the course. The unique structure of the Nei Jia Cane learning method teaches you to make all the movements automatic and reflexive.

  • 20 HD videos take your through every aspect of self-defense with the cane, including:
  • Choosing a self-defense cane
  • Warm up exercises with the cane
  • Principles of striking and hooking from a practical self-defense perspective
  • Cane striking templates that teach you to strike with shocking power
  • Street-savvy ready positions that lead into powerful striking sequences
  • Cane Qin Na – defending against grips and grabs
  • Advanced techniques: hooking, locking and throwing
  • Nei Jia Cane Form: a compendium of devastating movements that quickly become reflexive
  • Using the cane from a seated position
  • And more!

Your instructor Tom Bisio has studied and taught Martial Arts for over 40 years. Tom’s extensive background in Filipino Martial Arts, full-contact stick fighting and the Chinese Internal martial arts (Nei Jia), combined with his extensive research into Chinese cane and walking stick self-defense methods, makes Tom the ideal instructor to teach you cane self-defense.

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Self-Defense with the Walking Cane

11 ratings
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