Complete Dao Yin Online Learning Program

Tom Bisio
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The Complete Dao Yin Online Learning Program brings you some of China's most ancient health exercises. Dao Yin exercises supercharge the body's energy systems while promoting vibrant health and strengthening resistance to disease and illness. Daily regulation of the Qi Dynamic through the practice of Dao Yin is one of the centuries-old longevity "secrets" of Daoist Sages and Immortals. Many martial arts practitioners, Qi Gong masters and Daoist monks practice Dao Yin their entire lives in order to maintain health, and to nourish and augment the life force.

With this course you have access to five different Dao Yin methods, each of which emphasizes a different aspect of physical and mental health. These methods take between 10-15 minutes to perform, making them easy to fit into a busy schedule. For such a short time commitment the benefits to mind and body are astounding!

And we have a added a bonus PDF detailing eight short Supplemental Dao Yin Methods that address eye, ear, nose, throat problems and more.

The program offers high quality video, audio and written instruction covering every aspect of Dao Yin. Master Instructor Tom Bisio presents each of the five different Dao Yin Routines in detail, with clear explanations, so that you can perform the movements correctly and get the maximum benefit from your practice.

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You recieve...

• 7 HD Dao Yin Instructional Videos
$160 value reduced to $95
• 1 Meditation Sound File
$12 value reduced to $6
• 150 page Dao Yin Instructional Manual (PDF)
$30 value reduced to $14
• 40 page Supplemental Dao Yin Methods Booklet (PDF)


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