Daoist Ba Gua Circle Walking Meditation Online Learning Program

Tom Bisio
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The most complete, transmission of Daoist Ba Gua Circle Walking Meditation available today!

Daoist Ba Gua Circle Walking Meditation is an “Inner Alchemy” practice that opens the body’s energy gates, guiding you into a deep meditative state as you walk, circle and turn smoothly and effortlessly.

Daoist Monks and martial arts practitioners who explored transforming consciousness discovered that Circle Walking while holding specific postures designed to open the body's energy gates and energetic pathways was a powerful form of meditation that could stimulate internal transformation of body, mind and spirit more rapidly and effectively than seated meditation.

Simultaneously, Daoist Ba Gua Circle Walking Meditation strengthens and recharges the body, while reprogramming the nervous system to function at a higher level.

This online course with master practitioner Tom Bisio takes you through every aspect of Daoist Circle Walking Meditation - from the basics of walking the circle to the 12 postures of the Waterwheel (which open the Micro-Cosmic Orbit), to advanced circle walking mediation practices.

The practice of Daoist Ba Gua Circle Walking Meditation connects us to the earth, the other planets and the stars, which circle and rotate in the cosmos. The famous astronomer Carl Sagan said that "the cosmos is within us; we are literally made of star stuff and we long to return." By circling and walking, smoothly and effortlessly, like a carousel or a waterwheel turning in a smooth flowing stream, we directly experience the energy of the cosmos that is imprinted in our DNA.

Until now, this unique method of self-cultivation and spiritual transformation has rarely been taught.  If you are interested in a powerful and practical method of mediation and spiritual transformation this course is for you.

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Daoist Circle Walking Meditation Student Manua PDF (170 pages)
Qi Gong, Nei Gong & Daoist Meditation: Basic Concepts PDF (40 pages)
Bonus: Two Immortals Life Nourishing Longevity System PDF (145 pages)
9 Lessons on Daoist Ba Gua Circle Walking Meditation (20 Streaming Videos)
Bonus Lesson Ba Gua Changing Sowrd Meditation (4 Streaming Videos)


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Daoist Ba Gua Circle Walking Meditation Online Learning Program

9 ratings
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