Daoist Yoga Online Learning Program

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Daoist Yoga is one of the forgotten gems of Chinese Nourishing Life health practices - a sophisticated system of exercise and meditation that produces suppleness and relaxation, strengthens the core, increases resistance to disease and illness, and expands one's inner awareness and consciousness.

The Daoist Yoga method is unlike other stretching and yoga methods. The postures are not difficult and there is no forced stretching. Daoist Yoga is based on the natural movements of animals, who maintain their flexibility and physical prowess with minimal effort.

With the Daoist Yoga Online Learning Program and just 25-30 minutes of daily practice, you will experience increased energy, strength and flexibility, develop a supple and strong core, improve muscle elasticity and activation, which promotes health and prevents injury, and develop a calm and clear mind and spirit.

The program offers high quality video, audio and written instruction covering every aspect of Daoist Yoga, and the meditation practices embedded in Daoist Yoga that increase the effectiveness of the exercises. Master Instructor Tom Bisio presents the individual exercises and Daoist Yoga sequences in detail, with clear explanations, allowing quick and direct access to the health secrets of the Daoist sages of antiquity.

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Daoist Yoga Online Learning Program

30 ratings
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