Authentic Ba Gua Zhang Intermediate Level – Core Patterns and Movements

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Authentic Ba Gua Zhang Intermediate Level – Core Patterns and Movements

Tom Bisio
6 ratings

The Intermediate Level of the Authentic Ba Gua Zhang Online Learning Program

The Intermediate Level of the Authentic Ba Gua Zhang Online Learning Program focuses on the core forms, techniques and methods, which are the "heart" of the art of Ba Gua Zhang.

The Intermediate Level is a natural continuation of the Foundational Level of the Authentic Ba Gua Zhang Online Learning Program:

  • ideal for those who already practice Ba Gua and wish to broaden their understanding of Ba Gua as both a martial art and a method of self-cultivation.
  • provides the perfect balance of theory and practice presented through written material, and video.
  • gives you the ability to grasp the essence of Ba Gua without a teacher present.
  • focuses on the core forms, techniques and methods, which are the heart of the art of Ba Gua Zhang.

What does the Intermediate Level contain?

  • 30 page welcome letter – explaining how to get the most out of the course
  • Over 500 pages of written instruction
  • 3 MP3s guiding you through essential Nei Gong practices
  • Over 120 Videos detailing every aspect of training
  • Newly revised 170 page curriculum guide
  • Bonus Video graciously donated by Master Gao Ji Wu discussing and demonstrating Ba Gua Training and Criss-Cross Hands

What You Will Learn in the Intermediate Ba Gua Zhang Program:

  • Tian Gan Heavenly Stem Exercises: These key exercises develop torsional winding power and silk reeling energy.
  • Single Palm Change & Double Palm Change: The two core movements which are the root of all other changes and techniques.
  • The Old Eight Palms (Lao Ba Zhang): The Eight Palm Changes and their many applications. Each of the Old Eight Palms trains a unique strategy, contains different footwork, and emphasizes different body and hand actions.
  • Eight Hands (Ba Shou): These Eight Single Linear Movements are practical linear expressions of the Eight Palm Changes, and are the foundation of the 64 Hands (64 Linear Forms).
  • Eight Lao Ba Zhang Partner Exercises
  • Eight Trigram Single Palm Changes: Eight methods of performing the Single Palm Change. Each method manifests a different Jin and corresponds to the energy configuration of a particular Yi Jing Trigram.
  • Martial Skills of Ba Gua Zhang - The Five Methods
        1) Capturing and Seizing Methods (Qin Na and Na Fa):
           - Principles of Locking and Seizing
           - Six Basic Wrist Qin Na Techniques
           - Wrist Qin Na Variations
           - Elbow and Shoulder Qin Na
           - Eight Linking Qin Na
         2) Throwing Methods (Shuai Fa) 
           - Eight Basic Throws
         3) Kicking Methods (Ti Fa)
           - Developmental Kicking Exercises
           - Kicking Drills and Applications
         4) Elbow Methods (Zhou Fa)
           - Eight Stationary Elbow Exercise
           - Eight Attacking Elbows
         5) Striking Methods (Da Fa)
  • Single Movement Practice: Practice of individual movements, which develop critical skills.
  • Ba Gua Spinal Meditation: A unique Nei Gong method that releases restrictions in the spine and bring circulation to the spine and brain.
  • Bone Breathing: Breathing into and activating circulation to the bones
  • Ba Gua Marrow Washing Nei Gong: An advanced method of Nei Gong that strengthens the bones, consolidates the marrow, and relaxes and invigorates the soft tissue.
  • Foundational Saber Exercises (Dao Ji Ben Gong)
  • Foundational Staff Exercises (Gun Ji Ben Gong)

What people are saying about the Authentic Ba Gua Zhang Foundational Level program:

"I’ve been studying bagua for over a decade from various teachers and I wanted to let you know that your Distance Learning Program is the most comprehensive, in-depth and, most importantly, easily understandable, Ba Gua teaching that I have ever come across"

"I very often find myself feeling very grateful for this program. Your eloquence and attention to detail makes your work very valuable, especially for students who have trained in person with other practitioners."

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to study Authentic Ba Gua Zhang.

No Stories and Myths – Just Real Instruction and Training

Intermediate Level – Core Patterns & Movements

Price: $620

Save even more when you purchase the Foundational and Intermediate Online Learning Programs together:

Intermediate & Foundational Levels Bundle:

Price: $999

The Authentic Ba Gua Zhang Distance Learning Program is created by Tom Bisio. Throughout this unique program, in both the Foundational and Intermediate levels, Tom details exactly how and why each movement works, and imparts valuable tips, imagery and detailed explanations of the internal connections, providing you with a clear and comprehensive approach to learning and mastering Ba Gua Zhang. Nothing is held back!

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