Seasonal Qi Gong

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Seasonal Qi Gong is a set of 24 simple yet profound "Seasonal Node" exercises that are literally the key to optimum health and vitality. These ancient Daoist yogic practices provide a sophisticated form of exercise that will keep you healthy throughout the year.

Seasonal Qi Gong includes Five Bonus Health Practices that enhance your Qi Gong practice, supercharge the body, and maximize your vitality.

In this course, noted author, Qi Gong expert and Chinese medical practitioner Tom Bisio will show you exactly how and when to perform each Qi Gong exercise, so that you can immediately begin to reap the benefits of living in harmony with the seasons.

Seasonal Qi Gong

  • Can be done in 10 minutes a day
  • Keeps you healthy throughout the year
  • Increases the body’s vitality and resistance to illness
  • Can be done by almost anyone
  • Equally beneficial for the advanced yogi, experienced qi gong practitioner or beginning student
  • No prior Qi Gong experience necessary

Our Seasonal Qi Gong program is more than just a Qi Gong class!

As a stand-alone practice, the 24 Seasonal Exercises - created centuries ago by Daoist sage Chen Tuan - are incredibly powerful tools for health preservation and self-development.

However, we want you to have the full story on seasonal health, so this course also offers five bonus health practices to optimize your practice and maximize your vitality. Tom will teach you:

1. Seasonal Dao Yin Five–Minute Health Tune Up

Each Seasonal Dao Yin Tune Up takes only 5 minutes to perform, but can energize you for the whole day.

2. Live Harmoniously With The Seasons

You will learn how each season affects your body, both physically and emotionally, and how changing just a few simple habits will boost your mental and physical fitness.

3. Principles of Seasonal Diet

Eating with the seasons is a simple and easy way to begin to improve your diet and your health. Easy-to-follow nutritional dos and don’ts for each season will help you to adjust your diet so that you feel healthier all year round.

4. The Secrets of Chinese Seasonal Health Teas

Knowing when and how to make a few simple and proven seasonal teas is an important part of balancing the body’s energy, and staving off colds, flu and other common illnesses. As easy to make as a simple cup of tea, seasonal teas enhance your Qi Gong practice, and add a healthy addition to your daily diet.

5. Spinal Meditation Energy Enhancement

This secret Daoist Meditation technique performed once every two weeks literally recharges and revitalizes the entire body.

Here’s What You Get When You Order Today!

Seasonal Qi Gong Online Program
Over 150 Pages of Written Material and 30 Videos:

  • A Welcome Letter introducing the program and outlining the training method, with tips and suggestions for learning.
  • Five Elements and Four Seasons PDF: Characteristics and manifestations of each season according to ancient Chinese science
  • Four Seasons and 24 Seasonal Nodes PDF:  how and why Seasonal Qi Gong works
  • Spinal Meditation Energy Enhancements PDF: details how and when to perform this unique and powerful energy boosting practice
  • Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter PDFs: a PDF for each season with health and dietary tips, seasonal health teas, and descriptions and photos of the Qi Gong Exercises
  • Two (2) Introductory Videos that clearly explain the different aspects of Seasonal Qi Gong and the five Bonus Health Practices
  • Twenty Four (24) Videos detailing the 24 Seasonal Qi Gong Exercises
  • Four (4) Videos of Seasonal Dao Yin Health Tune Up Routines: Spring, Summer, Autumn, & Winter
  • A Seasonal Node Almanac providing the exact start times for each 2–week period (seasonal node) from now until 2057

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Seasonal Qi Gong

13 ratings
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