Tian Gan Nei Gong Online Learning Program

Tom Bisio
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The Tian Gan (Heavenly Stem) Exercises are profound Ba Gua Energy exercises that supercharge the body by activating and potentiating the spiral forces within the body’s internal Qi Dynamic. Engaging with these internal spirals produces movement patterns imbued with power and grace.

The Tian Gan, or “Heavenly Stem,” is essentially the central internal longitudinal axis or "stem" that passes through the body. The Heavenly Stem encompasses the body’s central core energy circuit known as the Microcosmic Orbit which activates the spinal cord, brain and nervous system and opens the “100 meridians,” regulating every energy pathway in the body.

The Tian Gan Nei Gong exercises are traditionally used by Ba Gua and Xing Yi practitioners to develop torsional power that is connected directly to the spine and legs, forming the basis of the so-called “silk reeling energy.” Tian Gan Nei Gong forges deep connections between the spine, the waist and the four limbs in order to create a unified whole-body movement dynamic that applies equally to our everyday actions, marital arts and sports.

Most importantly, Tian Gan Nei Gong improves health. The rhythmic movements of Tian Gan Nei Gong literally “wring out” the spine, freeing up restrictions and blockages in the Tian Gan, while energetically activating the brain and nervous system so that they function at a higher level. This transforms the body on every level, producing coordinated graceful movement, increased life force and a bright and radiant spirit.

After practicing Tian Gan Nei Gong you will move with power and grace and your body will feel supple and energized

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You Will Receive:

Student Manual (180 Page)
$20 Value
3 Introductory Videos
$20 Value
10 Videos: Tian Gan 16 Movement Core Sequence
$150 Value
4 Videos: Expanded 24 Movement Sequence
$60 Value
3 Videos: 20 Movement Large Frame Sequence
$45 Value
1 Video: Tian Gan Short Power Method
$15 Value
Bonus Video: 12 Movement Abbreviated Tian Gan Sequence
$15 Value


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