Xing Yi Nei Gong - Standard Program

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Xing Yi Nei Gong Online Learning Program

Xing Yi Nei Gong was created by Wang Ji Wu (1891-1991). Wang Ji Wu attained a high level of skill in both martial arts and the practice of Chinese medicine. Like many martial arts teachers of his time, Wang was trained in traditional Chinese medicine. Combining his martial and medical skills, Wang put together a set of 16 exercises that efficiently exercise the entire body, in order to preserve health, and to develop strength and power for martial arts and sports. These same exercises can also be employed as rehabilitative exercise after illness or injury.

  • Improve your health, increase flexibility & develop refined internal strength.
  • Open to all. No prior experience in martial arts or Nei Gong is necessary.

  • Highly recommended for practitioners of traditional Chinese Medicine and other Health Professionals. This course will inform your practice on many levels.
  • A must for Xing Yi Quan Practitioners!

The Xing Yi Nei Gong Online Learning Program is presented by Tom Bisio. Throughout the program, Tom details exactly how and why each exercise works, and imparts valuable tips, imagery and detailed explanations of the internal connections, providing you with a clear and comprehensive approach to learning and mastering these exercises. Nothing is held back!

Learn a powerful set of exercises that will benefit you for the rest of your life. Start today!

The Standard Program


- 100 page illustrated PDF

- 2 Videos (streaming on both web & app)

  • 1 Introductory Video introducing Xing Yi Nei Gong.
  • 1 Video of the Entire Set of exercises, performed at normal speed of daily practice.


Questions? Check our FAQ's. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, just email us.

Make Xing Yi Nei Gong a part of your exercise routine and lifestyle!
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Xing Yi Nei Gong - Standard Program

5 ratings
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